Article on changes in minors gambling in Finland after the raising minimum legal gamling age

The legal gambling age in Finland was raised from 15 to 18 years in 2010, but slot machines were given a transition period that ended with the full law coming into effect on 1 July 2011. The widespread accessibility of slot machines and their popularity among youth led the researchers to consider how age limit was enforced in the Finnish gambling monopoly system and to analyse how underage gambling on slot machines changed after the raising of the minimum age. The article is based on two nationwide cross-sectional surveys were conducted in 2011 and 2013.

Susanna Raisamo, Katariina Warpenius, Arja Rimpelä. Changes in minors’ gambling on slot machines in Finland after the raising of the minimum legal gambling age from 15 to 18 years: A repeated cross-sectional study. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. Volume 32, Issue 6, 2015.