Preventiimi is a national knowledge centre for substance use prevention in the youth sector. Our task is to support knowledge about substance use prevention among personnel who work with young people. In this way, we aim to improve the quality and the clarity of purpose within substance use prevention.

Knowledge centre for substance use prevention in youth sector

Preventiimi’s target group comprises all professionals who are affected in some way by substance use prevention in their work. This includes personnel whose duties include working with young people in municipalities, the third sector, in educational establishments and in congregations. Our target group also includes individuals involved in the planning and development of substance use prevention in various organisations.

Preventiimi is financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and is part of the Ministry’s network of development and service centres in the youth sector. Preventiimi operates within the framework of the Humak University of Applied Sciences, which provides education in the youth sector. Through Humak, we at Preventiimi can award credit points at university level for our further training.

What can Preventiimi offer personnel within the youth sector?

Preventiimi can offer:

  • comprehensive further education at university level
  • publications
  • a national network for professionals within the youth sector
  • monthly newsletter containing the latest news from the field of substance use prevention (in Finnish)
  • interesting events
  • new approaches to substance use prevention activities and substance education
  • opportunities to develop substance use prevention within the youth sector alongside other players

In addition to all this, we at Preventiimi are keen to get involved in various collaborative and development projects, as well as to participate in steering and resource groups. We are happy to speak on topics relating to substance use prevention in the youth sector, and we support professionals on the basis of need. In other words, it is worthwhile getting in touch with any wishes and questions you may have!

The operation’s principles

Preventiimi’s operation includes three central principles: Knowledge, quality and developing together.


In order for young people to be offered up-to-date, needs-based, targeted substance education, the professionals who work with young people have to have access to knowledge, reflection, the opportunity to share experiences as well as access to new approaches to substance use prevention.

In order to increase knowledge within substance use prevention operations and substance education among professionals, we offer courses, online publications and discussion forums for our network.


It is important for young people to have access to substance education that is of high quality and is ethically implemented. For this reason, quality and ethics must be taken into account right from the planning stage of substance use prevention activities. We employ the Quality star quality tool (National Institute for Health and Welfare) in our own evaluation and development, and we encourage its use in all preventive activities.

Developing together

Preventiimi develops substance use prevention within the youth sector alongside other players in the field. When we arrange events, training courses, further training, issue material and seek out focus areas for the future, the organisations that belong to Preventiimi’s network are natural partners. The development teams, which consist of members of Preventiimi’s network, develop substance use prevention within various subareas. We also collaborate with the National Institute for Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Education and Culture’s various knowledge centres, as well as the Regional State Administrative Agency.


Preventiimi’s long-term objectives are to:

  • Offer courses and further education nationally for personnel who come into contact with young people or who work with issues relating to young people as part of their job
  • Increase knowledge and understanding about substance use prevention activities and substance education within the youth sector
  • Co-ordinate a national network
  • Actively develop substance prevention in the youth sector, promote professional discussions in the sector and co-ordinate information
  • Promote approaches to preventive work as a whole within the youth sector

Preventiimi’s further training

Preventiimi arranges further education courses on various topics. All of Preventiimi’s further education is free. For most of the courses, the participants can be awarded credit points at university level. The further education is arranged both in the form of tutorials and as online studies. Participation in the online courses does not require any particular IT expertise – it is sufficient to have a computer and Internet access.

Our courses are well suited to personnel in various sectors who work with young people, as well as for individuals with an interest in substance use prevention. The courses have a working life perspective, which is why we recommend that applicants to our courses should already have work experience to which the course content can be related.

In addition to further education, we also arrange one-day unit courses. During these unit courses, we concentrate on a particular subarea within substance use prevention activities, or on a particular target group. The content of the unit courses is tailored according to current requirements in the field. Credit points are not awarded for the unit courses.

You can find more information about our further training in Finnish here.

Contact details

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact Preventiimi.


You can find our publications, links to methods and knowledge about substance use prevention within the youth sector in English here.